Osborne Continues to Deliver an Excellent Customer Experience

In January 2015, Osborne became the first UK contractor to be awarded the prestigious ServiceMark accreditation from the Institute of Customer Service. One year on, and outstanding customer feedback results have shown that Osborne is continuing to lead the way in the contracting arena on delivering an excellent customer experience.

To benchmark its own performance, Osborne recently undertook an independent customer survey to understand what its customers really thought about working with them. Three key performance indicators were used to measure their responses, covering customer expectations, customer experience and customer recommendations.

Out of those who responded to the survey, 99% of its customers would recommend Osborne to others. This great achievement highlights that the family-owned company, which rebranded to an effervescent magenta in 2014, is working well towards its vision of being a vibrant, growing business, chosen by customers for its service-led solutions.

Further results from the survey respondents have highlighted that 90% of Osborne’s customers believed that the business had exceeded their expectations on projects, and over 90% also felt they had a positive experience when working with their respective teams.

The survey also enabled customers to offer written feedback, with one customer commenting, “The entire team were fabulous and we have an amazing new environment now. We most certainly recommend you to others and indeed do.”

Osborne is using these comments to share feedback and praise across the business, and to ultimately identify where it can further make improvements to enhance its customer’s experience.

Andy Steele, Group Chief Executive at Osborne, explained: “I am delighted by the results of our survey – particularly that 99% of our customers would recommend us to others. Customer experience is at the core of our business and these findings indicate that we are working well towards our mission of ‘Making You Successful’.