Osborne Doing the Best for its Customers

Osborne prides itself on doing the best for its customers. Customer Liaison Officer, Gabriel Cindea, who works in Osborne Property Services gives us his view.

“You aim to provide the best experience for tenants,” says Gabriel, “What might seem like a small gesture can make a big difference to the person you help.”

For Gabriel, 23, one recent “small gesture” involved spending his lunch break installing new poles and curtains for an elderly council tenant in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

The lady, whose windows Osborne had just repaired and who lives alone, had chosen the fixtures and fabrics to put up following the external works, but was clearly unable to do the job herself.

Gabriel immediately volunteered and the pensioner was “over the moon”, he recalls. She offered effusive praise on a job satisfaction form and wrote a separate thank you letter.

Gabriel previously worked for another construction firm in a similar role before joining Osborne through an agency in October 2014. He had to go back to his native Italy for family reasons six months later, but when returning in September 2015, he applied directly for an Osborne customer liaison officer job.

Gabriel explains: “I wanted to work for Osborne again because the team is a strong, supportive team, has a great line manager and we work closely with site management. With my previous company, different teams pulled in different directions, and it wasn’t a supportive environment.”

As for the future, Gabriel is keen to remain with Osborne, motivated by making an impact on the lives of tenants. He says: “To know that you made a difference makes you feel really good about your job – it makes you want to do even better.”