Better Connected

As the complexity and scale of construction projects continues to develop it is more important than ever to look at changing the culture of contracting from the art of negotiation back to the art of construction. Back to what is possible to achieve working together not what the potential is to squeeze from the other party.

Over many years the industry, like many others, seems to have moved to a position of customers and suppliers being at odds with each other instead of being on the same side. This has translated into a situation that through a confrontation bargaining style relationship the better bargaining party can benefit at the expense of the other. 

If both have the same ambition to create the best result using the best skills and the best ideas, this should be for the benefit of both, not at the expense of one.  At Osborne we plan to take a different approach, one based on common outcomes and shared benefits. Customers turn to us to deliver the best solution and a fundamental element of this should be that both of us come away in a better position than when we started.

For us each project is an opportunity to explore how we can help our customers go beyond what they thought was possible, both in terms of what can be created using the built environment and in terms of how it can be delivered. Our ambition is to produce something our customer can be proud of and meets their needs. We also however want to be sure that we create it as efficiently and effectively as possible and by working together from the outset in a connected way this can be achieved a lot better so that both parties can share any benefits and savings instead of trying to spend time and energy out-manoeuvring the other party to gain a small advantage at their expense.  After all we both share the risk and reputation on each project.

This way our customers can benefit from any economies or ways of working that can deliver a better end result and we as the contractor can make a realistic margin to enable us to reinvest in our people, processes and products to deliver even better common outcomes on the next project with the customer.

Our goal is to move contracting from a competitive process to a connected relationship. Only then can we really start to utilise the new technologies, methods and materials for the benefit of everyone involved. Being better connected opens up a world of possibilities for both our customers and ourselves to create a better outcome.