We Open the Doors to the Next Generation of Construction Workers

This week, Osborne is giving the public and the press a peek behind the hoardings at four sites across the South East, through its backing for the construction sector’s Open Doors week.

Osborne is offering tours of four of its sites, including the prestigious project for the University of Roehampton in South London to build a library and student accommodation, and its housing maintenance projects in Waltham Forest, Hemel Hempstead and Winchester.

The aim of Open Doors, run across Great Britain by Build UK from 13-18 June, is to give students and adults an insight into the wide variety of jobs in construction for all ages and abilities.

Offering more people the opportunity to look behind the hoardings, we hope to inspire the next generation to “get into construction” and explore the many fantastic and rewarding careers the industry has to offer.