Collaborating Gets the Job Done

Our Infrastructure teams have been busy with bridge reconstructions and possessions in Surrey to get important work completed recently.
A mixture of teamwork and collaboration has helped all those who were completing the Aldershot Bridge Reconstruction with 2 hours of the 51 hour possession to spare!  This required meticulous planning and execution in organising suppliers, deliveries and completing enabling works. 
At Wrecclesham in Surrey, despite the relentless storms and flooded compound, in just 24 hours, the team managed to organise a new temporary compound, welfare facilities, equipment, PPE, site access and paperwork in readiness for their own 52 hour possession. They successfully planned and safely delivered the installation of eight ground anchors and the associated system to keep the permanent works to stabilise the embankment.
The Fulwell Team also had a “must complete “weekend possession to ensure the enabling works will be ready for the 15 day blockade that is planned for later this month.  This project involved the installation of a wet well, track removal and replacement, drainage, a storage lagoon and a 600m long rising.

We recognise that Infrastructure is key in keeping our society connected and moving this is why we are so proud to share our teams success in executing these important projects.