Experiencing the Workplace

Osborne has been joined by students from Waltham Forest School for Girls for seven days.
During this time, the students have gained insight into the diverse roles within the Osborne property services team.
Shadowing the Osborne team members, the students have spent their time gaining an understanding about the value of developing relationships with customers and what this means.

They have sat with the Osborne contact centre, listening in on calls, learning from the planning team about how to schedule and prioritise work, as well as understanding the lifecycle of communication with the customers. They also had a tour of the local councils offices.

The benefits of work experience are felt from both the students as well as Osborne employees. The students have an insight into the real working world, and Osborne gain an understanding of how to help focus future career aspirations.

Over the past three years, Osborne has been working with Waltham Forest School. The variety of work includes supporting them through mock interviews, assisting on National Women’s Day, and helping them with various community and garden projects.