New Education Facility in South Downs

Situated on the top of the South Downs in clear view of the English Channel and cooped up in the old caretaker’s house is the Osborne project team who are building a new Construction Trades Centre.
This new educational facility will accommodate workshops for carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing and painting and decorating and an operational gas centre.

Horseshoed inside the occupied campus and following the demolition of the previous facility, the new concrete frame building is three floors with split level access to two adjacent buildings. It is clad in brickwork and Kingspan panels.

The team are currently ahead of programme, with the concrete completed and steelwork begun.

Being close to the coast with chalky ground conditions the site required a reduction of 2.5m and 6m on two slopes.  The chalk will be re-used for future backfill, providing cost savings for our customer. The project scored 100% on their recent Environmental audit.