Osborne Continue to Attract the Industries Brightest

Osborne continues to be a draw to exciting new talent, from not only the construction industry, but also from other disciplines as well. Two such people are Nadia Green and Hayden Woods, who have both joined as Trainee Quantity Surveyors.
Nadia Green joined Osborne during the Spring of 2015. Having previously worked in office management capacity at an I.T. company, Nadia was introduced to Osborne through a recruitment agency and despite having no previous experience within the construction industry, the size of the company and its fifty year heritage attracted her to the opportunity.

During her initial interview Nadia could tell that Osborne was different; it was clearly a company that cared about its people and making a difference.

Accepting the job offer, Nadia really felt this decision was vindicated on her first day when she attended the company induction run by Chairman Andrew Osborne, which struck the right message from the start.

With six months experience and self discovery with Osborne under her belt, Nadia was enrolled into a two year HNC Course at East Surrey College, committing herself to a new career as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor at Osborne.

Nadia says she is really pleased to be part of the Osborne family, surrounded by genuinely supportive people and can see herself spending a long time at Osborne, forging a successful career saying: “It’s a great opportunity with a great company, surrounded by great people. You can’t ask for much more from a job.”

Hayden Woods recently joined Nadia in Osborne’s Infrastructure as part of the Minor Works team, having spent nearly ten years working for British Telecom.
Starting out as an engineer specialising in BT’s high speed services such as ISDN and fibre optics, Hayden worked his way up into BTs Talent Pool, their internal managerial development programme, with an intention of working with their Research and Development (R&D) team.

After two years providing management cover across the business as part of the Talent Pool, Hayden began looking at different ways at broadening his experience within the business. After exploring the possibilities of working within the R&D team, he began looking elsewhere, to further his career.

After investigating various industries from Ozone production (used in the filtration of water) to Sky Television, Hayden approached Osborne, whose values resonated with his Hayden signed up feeling at home from the moment he walked into reception.
Asked what he was most looking forward to, Hayden said: “I’m really looking forward to furthering my experience and career, utilising the opportunities that working for Osborne provides. I’d gone as far as I had wanted in BT and knew it was time for a change. Osborne is so different. It’s vibrant, engaging and is already proving itself to be an exciting company.”

So what does the future hold? Hayden is already following the same path as Nadia. Hayden has enrolled in a local college, where from the start of the next term, he’ll continue his studies for two years on a part time basis, while benefitting from the valuable on the job experience that Osborne provides. In 2017, Nadia will have completed her studies, cementing her career as one of Osborne’s brightest rising stars.

Osborne is a member of the 5% Club, which demonstrates their commitment to apprentices. Currently 9% of employees are enrolled on apprenticeship programmes and more are being recruited.