Work Life Balance Wins Out for Student Recruit

Harry Grout talks about his transition from the University of Roehampton to Osborne.
‘Some dream of spending their days in the quiet and gentle rural countryside. Others dream of escaping to the hustle and bustle of the big smoke where opportunities are in abundance and right on your doorstep. But if you can find somewhere that offers both, and less than an hour’s train journey, it’s a clear winner!

This specific story began at University of Roehampton, when one happy-go-lucky 20 year old, the last of five siblings and the first to attempt higher education, took his first step onto the green Southlands campus. Like the large majority of Great Britain’s student population, I took to university life like Bear Grylls in the Siberian tundra; I found shelter, food, and kept well hydrated.

Looking back on my time at the University of Roehampton, its green campus, exciting student experience and extensive library were a real support to my studies. Reading Marketing, with highly engaging lecturers and great facilities gave me the skills and education I needed to develop a fundamental mind-set to continuously improve myself, building on my existing skills and challenging myself.

Close to sitting my final exam, I applied and got the role of a marketing intern. After successfully being offered the job, this gave me the window to apply my skills and marketing knowledge that I gained at University of Roehampton into practice in the real world. The transition from Roehampton to Osborne life was, at first, slightly wobbly. By building on existing skills and challenging myself, I was promoted from marketing intern to Construction Marketing and Communication Officer in eight months.

During my short time at Osborne I have been fortunate to witness UoR’s Digby Stuart’s old car park to a fantastic student accommodation and new library and resource facility. As a previous library staff member and user, the new library will transform student’s learning experience for this and future generations.’

Dr Ghazwa Alwani-Starr, Director of Estates and Campus Services commented: “I am delighted that Harry holds such fond memories of his time at Roehampton. The knowledge Harry gained while with us, enabled him to secure a role with Osborne, who have impressed us with the proactive approach they take by engaging with our students.”