‘One Team’ approach at Egham Station sets standard on ‘Reading 10 Car’ scheme

Our team are working to increase train capacity at stations between Reading and London Waterloo.  Platform extensions at ten stations will accommodate longer 10 car trains to improve passenger flow and comfort.
New signalling is a key safety aspect of the platform extensions and Egham Station was the first to take on this challenge and set the standard going forward.  From early possession planning right through to commissioning and handover, we have collaborated as ‘One Team’.

Efficient commissioning was a central focus from the design outset, with Arcadis and our signalling specialists Amaro utilising their expertise to reduce risk.  The resultant design solution was practical and provided the surety to meet programmed possession milestones.

Commissioning was scheduled during an abnormal line possession so it was critical there were no delays impacting passengers.  In the lead up, Amaro successfully installed the signals to complete the advance works.

Under Osborne’s possession management control, the team from Osborne, Network Rail and suppliers SRS and Amaro worked professionally, efficiently and safely alongside one another.  Credit to both SRS and Amaro for their excellent work standards and competence which ensured Egham Station became the first fully commissioned Reading 10 Car station.

The work ethos, especially during the critical possession, reflected the values for which the ‘One Team Wessex’ framework strives, where Network Rail’s Martin Ford and Tatiana Kotrikova, worked as ‘one’ with Osborne and our suppliers to achieve success.  Completion of Egham Station reflects their great work and sets the standard for the next nine stations.