Career Fairs

It was great seeing you at the Roadshow, and thank you for joining in the spirit!
With the growth of Property Services comes a number of exciting job opportunities across the business, and I’m really keen to explore these with you.

We have organised a day on each contract and at Reigate, when you will have the opportunity to have a chat with us on where you would like to progress, your areas of interest and how we can align your strengths to those roles.

In advance of your 15 minute, 1-2-1 session, we will provide you with a short questionnaire which will help us identify your skills and areas of training if required, which you should bring with you on the day.

If you left your name at the end of the Roadshow to express your interest in career progression, we’ll be in touch shortly with an allocated time slot.  But it’s not too late if you didn’t; we’d still love to hear from you.  Simply pop an email over to [email protected] or call Jo on 07791 605777.

The Career Fair dates:-
22nd June – Winchester
27th June – Dacorum
5th July – LBWF
11th July – Reigate