Hertfordshire Site Housekeeping is Leading by Example

Work to build a bridge over a railway line, in Apsley in Hertfordshire is progressing well.
The team have made excellent progress, taking advantage of the un-seasonally good autumn weather, and focusing on housekeeping; keeping the site tidy and well maintained in preparation for the winter months.

The site time-lapse cameras are now in place and offer a comprehensive perspective upon the site set-up, phasing and progress of the works, as they create a corridor to the railway.  The existing steel footbridge has now been successfully removed, allowing the traffic to be switched and giving access to the railway cutting to begin the new bridge construction works.

The existing footbridge was removed during a six hour all-line possession and isolation and the five possession critical lifts were completed with over an hour to spare.

A senior member of the local residents committee said “The entire operation was carried out with calm and controlled professionalism, which reflects well on Osborne and our confidence in you delivering the rest of the project.”

The new bridge and road has been carefully planned and designed to ease current congestion, improve safety and provide future capacity for the estate as it becomes populated.

The scheme will remove a potential traffic bottleneck on Featherbed Lane. Osborne started working on this project back in 2004, helping Bloor Homes develop an innovative method for building a new bridge over the London to Birmingham West Coast Mainline Railway in a very difficult location. The recession of 2008 hit and work was delayed before Bovis Homes acquired the land.

Osborne’s bridge and road works are due to be completed by Spring 2018.