Day 3 of our Twelve Repairs of Christmas- Don’t let small problems become big ones

Its Day 3 of our Twelve Repairs of Christmas- and we look at not letting small problems become big ones!
So, if you’ve been ignoring that dripping tap… then now’s the time to report it to your landlord.

Small problems like dripping taps are relatively easy to fix.  But left, they could become major issues.  If the dripping tap turns into a leak it could cause flooding in your home, which could lead to damage to the building and your possessions and it could take months to get sorted.

If you’re a Dacorum Borough Council customer, it’s easy to report a problem.  Just call us on 0800 018 6050.

And don’t think it’s too small an issue to bother us with.  We’d much rather fix small problems before they become big ones.