Its Day 5 of our 12 Repairs of Christmas so Think before you Sink

Today we look at sinks!
We’ve all been guilty of discarding cooking oil or fat down the sink.  But it’s a big no-no.

Most fats and oils don’t break down and can build up to create blockages in your pipes –  or worse, drains.

So when you’ve finished cooking the Christmas dinner, think about how to dispose of the cooking fats safely.  For those that solidify, let them do so, then throw in the bin. Chill grease in the fridge if you need to get it to harden up. For ones that don’t solidify, pour them into a sealable bottle or container, and throw the whole thing away with your regular waste.

The Metro recently reported that Thames Water alone spends approximately £1 million a month clearing fat and blockages from sewers.

So Think before you sink!