We are half way through our 12 Repairs of Christmas and we are looking at temperatures

We are on Day 6 of our 12 Repairs of Christmas and we look at the magic 18 degrees!
Studies show that the ideal temperature for your home to promote health and wellbeing is a constant 18 degrees. (20 degrees if your older or sick). The same as an average summer day in the South of England.

So, as it gets cold outside, make sure you don’t just crank up the heating inside.

Remember, the figure on the thermostat is the temperature you are warming your house to. Turning it up to 24 degrees will not make it warm up more quickly.  And for every 1 degree increase, you could be putting an extra £65 onto your annual heating bill.

At the same time, it’s important that the temperature in your home doesn’t go too low.  Below 18 degrees, the air starts to lose its ability to absorb moisture.  At lower temperatures this can lead to damp and mould growth which can have a negative impact on health.

If you’re struggling to afford to heat your home you may be able to get help.  Speak to your housing officer who will be able to advise you.