The Last Piece of the Puzzle – Dartford East Tunnel Lining Completed Ahead of Programme

Our work at Dartford, showed there was no room for Tunnel vision!
Despite diverse engineering and environmental challenges, this complex jigsaw of numerous
components has been completed three weeks ahead of schedule, with no incidents or accidents.

Thanks to the building of cohesive relationships with our customer and supply chain partners. Together we worked as one to constantly assess the risks to remove 1001 tunnel lining panels, replace the supporting steelwork frames and reinstate the cleaned panels to exactly the same location.

it was just like a giant puzzle – and no easy task when the backing boards to the panels were found to
contain asbestos! To provide access efficiencies, the removal of the existing steel framework and Installation of the new was run in parallel, and also provided safe access for our customer’s contractors to maintain their assets and react to carriageway and tunnel repairs at a short notice.

To complete ahead of programme despite the engineering and environmental challenges with zero incidents and accidents is testament to the real teamwork displayed by all, showing collaboration and communication is at the core of success.