Warm this Winter? Top tips to Keeping Cosy with Day 9 of our 12 Repairs of Christmas

We are on Day 9 of our 12 Repairs of Christmas and we are looking tips to keep warm this winter as the temperature may drop outside.
It may sound like common sense, but keeping yourself warm is really important when the temperature drops outside.  It can help to prevent colds and flu and even more serious health conditions such as heart attacks, pneumonia and depression.

The ideal temperature to heat your home to is 18 degrees (20 degrees if you are older or unwell) and there are other ways to keep warm other than cranking the heating up.

• Avoid sitting still for long periods; staying active is not only beneficial for your health but will also keep you warm.
• Wrap up warm with lots of thin layers – clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres are particularly good and help to maintain body heat.
• Use a hot water bottle or electric blanket (but not both together), especially at night, to stay really cosy.
• If you suffer from heart or breathing problems, stay indoors on the coldest days.
• Keep an eye on your neighbours – especially if there older or sick – to make sure they are warm enough this Christmas.

Also have a think before you go to bed about keeping warm in bed.  Have a think about wearing the right pyjamas, possible bed socks and extra blankets. These things are sometimes forgotten, but help to keep you snug on colder nights.