Are your Plugs Overloaded? Its Day 11 of our 12 Repairs of Christmas

Don’t overload! No, not on Turkey – that’s fine!  You can always cut down in January, right?!
We’re talking about your plug sockets.

We know you need the tree lights on, and the music player plugged in, along with the lamp and the TV.

But we would urge you not to overload extension sockets – and don’t attach multiple extension cords to one another.  It poses a real risk of electrical failure and even fire.

If the worst happens and an electrical fire occurs, the best way to extinguish it is with a sand fire extinguisher – not a water one.

However, always put your own safety and the safety of anyone else in your home first.  Don’t be afraid to leave the building and call the emergency services.

If you have managed to put out an electrical fire, please contact our Out of Hours repairs team who will come and check the electrics over for your safety.