Collaboration was Key to Top Notch Project Delivery

Collaboration between Osborne and their customer Network Rail has enabled the Brunel-designed Mortimer Railway station to be more efficiently upgraded.
The team took advantage of a Christmas blockade arranged for a £1.6m project to remove and replace an underpass within the nearby operational military facility in Bramley in Berkshire, also undertaken by Osborne.

The work at Mortimer Station involved essential platform upgrade work as part of a multimillion pound programme of work for Network Rail on their Wessex route. The project had the associated challenges of limited track access, minimal capacity for storage and problematic existing services within the work areas and is now complete.

The Bramley Bridge was successfully installed during the Christmas blockade and completion and finishing works are now nearing completion.

The feedback from all parties related to the collaboration, planning and execution of the two projects has been excellent.  The project attracted a Christmas morning site visit from Network Rail CEO Mark Carne who was highly complementary of the collaborative team;

“Many thanks to you and the whole team for hosting our visit on Christmas Day. It was really fascinating to see the attention to detail, the excellent layout of the site and the good spirit and morale among the team. Brilliant! I was delighted to travel over the bridge this morning and to see the results of all your hard work. Well done to you all and thank you for your dedication and professionalism.”