Purchasing: Visa Efficiency Brings Benefits

Purchasing has been the name of the game as  Osborne have been working with Visa to use its purchase cards to help increase efficiency throughout their business and with their suppliers.
In collaboration with Visa and COINS, Osborne innovated and integrated transactions into their business processes; Supplier transactions now seamlessly flow in to their finance system for real efficiency and visibility.

The benefits include quicker purchasing times, freeing up peoples time to do more valuable work, visibility of purchases made and they are helping the environment by reducing the use of paper.

This smarter way of transacting improves cash flow in the Supply Chain, brings control and visibility and Osborne can manage high volumes easily.  23,000 Visa Transactions were efficiently processed last year, removing more paper from their business and ensuring suppliers are paid within 2 to 3 days of purchase.

Paul McCulloch, Support Service Improvement Manager, comments:
“We set out to transform the traditional purchase to pay process for low value high volume purchases. The old delays of phoning for an order, chasing around paper and trying to process invoices and pay suppliers on time have gone. By making it easier for our people to buy what they need they can efficiently complete their work, keep our customers happy and our suppliers are paid quickly too.”