Moorside Road meets Winnall Primary School

Moorside Road, a student accommodation project in Winchester, was recently host to a visit from pupils from the local Winnall Primary School.
Moorside Road is a project which  will provide 239 beds for students who are studying at either Winchester School of Art (part of the University of Southampton) or the University of Winchester.

George Barnett, site manager from Construction, Neal Allison, community investment manager from OPSL, and Kirsty Dunne and Emma Dennis, advisors from SHE, were also in attendance and together gave an insightful talk.

The 12 pupils, who were part of the Winnall Primary School Committee, quickly latched onto the idea of safety. When asked why mobile phones were banned on site, one boy quickly replied, ‘You might be texting and drop a brick on someone’s head and hurt them!’ They also likened the need for good site housekeeping to their own school playground rules.

After their induction the pupils had a site tour. Two pupils, Amelia and Isaac, also tried bricklaying under the watchful eyes of George. Kirsty and Emma then brought out a noise meter to demonstrate how noisy a room full of children could be! The noise levels reached a deafening 106 decibels; the normal level being 70!

An opportunity for Q&As kept the team on their toes: ‘How much are you paid?’, ‘Who is your best friend?’ and ‘How does the tower crane driver go to the toilet?’

The pupils then returned to their school and talked about their experiences in a special assembly.