Developing New Student Accommodation in Sussex and Hampshire

Osborne Developments, part of a £340m turn over company originally established in  Chichester, has been successful in securing  planning permission to build a 521 place student accommodation scheme on land owned by them within the City.
The application will enable an unattractive disused brownfield site to be restored and replaced with a sustainable greened campus environment located adjacent to a newly planned residential development.

The scheme will serve to meet the recent growth of the student population of Chichester University in a single location without increasing the pressure on the existing Chichester housing stock and will help support the University’s aim of offering internationally recognised high quality, student-centred education. It will also help to redress some of the adverse impact that the growth of the University has had on the housing market in the City.  Fifteen new jobs will be created managing the new development along with the wider economic benefits of supporting a major and growing local employer.

The outline development proposals comprise nine two and three storey pitched roof buildings within a landscaped ‘village square’ setting which will incorporate a student hub at the heart of the campus to provide activities for residents. The outline scheme will now be developed to ensure current student aspirations are particularly reflected, and demolition of the existing UMA house building is expected to take place shortly.

In Hampshire, construction work has started on site in a prime location adjacent to Winchester Railway station to provide a further 257 student bedrooms for the University students of the City. Planning permission was successfully obtained on the site which is the second in the City to be undertaken in joint venture with Student Residence Investments Ltd.

The scheme will be part of the growing portfolio of 3,400 student accommodation units completed or in the course of development presently being undertaken by Osborne Developments.