Recycling to Make Sure Every Little Helps

Recently, Tesco’s ‘Hemel  Hempstead’s Community Person’ asked for help from Osborne Property  Services, to see if they could help them to create two vegetable beds for their store.
They wanted to use the vegetable beds as part of their ‘Farm to Fork Initiative’ which involves local school students visiting the store to learn and understand the process about how food ends up on Tesco’s shelves.

Osborne’s vegetable beds were to be used to grow herbs in the Tesco store as a way of demonstrating to the students where food comes from.

Osborne used recycled materials for the vegetable beds and one member of staff Andy Adkins, spent a day building them, using old wooden pallets. Once complete, the beds were delivered to Tesco and then he helped the stores staff fill them with soil and herbs just in time for a school visit that day.

Keeping on track with their recycling efforts and helping the community, Osborne Property Services have also been working with Higham Hill Bike Club. They are working with the bike club to build a ‘dedicated bike workshop’, which will be used by young offenders.

In this exciting project, the bike club is working with young offenders to take in bikes that have been stolen and not claimed by their owners and ex police cycles, repair and make them safe and then give them out to children, young people and adults who do not have a bike.

Osborne’s work to build the dedicated bike workshop means the bike club can move out of the portacabin they are currently using to repair bikes and into a suitable and dedicated space.

Osborne’s approach of working with communities to develop projects has been popular with customers and some highlights in Osborne’s CSR work over the past two years include: training and sponsorship worth over £650,000 provided to communities; over 5,205 staff hours donated to community initiatives; and nearly 200 community events supported.

Events have included: an engineering challenge with local children in Bromley; working with young offenders to refurbish Hemel Stags Rugby Club; and participating in a Boccia tournament with visually impaired children at Joseph Clarke School in east London.