A Glorious Garden for the “Golden Oldies”

Osborne are always helping communities and have recently helped provide a glorious garden in London.
The “Golden Oldies” is a charity for ex-transport and ex-NHS staff, based in the Walworth Methodist Church in Camberwell, London. The church has made its facilities available to various local charitable parties for many years but these were progressively deteriorating and in need of much “TLC”!

But thanks to the enormous efforts of volunteers from Osborne, Network Rail, McNealy Brown and Oliver Connell & Son Ltd, the Golden Oldies now have clean and bright, more accessible outdoor areas to relax in, along with an improved office and safer central square.

Elderly people of mainly Caribbean origins come to the church as a Day Centre to socialise, have hot meals and play bingo amongst other weekly events.  All the groups and events are run on a completely volunteer basis. To help make the important community events more enjoyable for all, improvements were made to three separate areas:

• In true DIY SOS style the charity workers’ office was repainted with shelves and storage cabinets constructed.

• The “Ground Force” Team completely transformed the back garden with the addition of a new shed, additional seating, raised flower beds and old containers repainted and planted up for summer blooms.

• The central paved square posed many trip hazards.  To be able to be used as a space for afternoon tea and relaxing the paving stones were re-levelled and a handrail installed to the access steps.
The team also prepared an area for a new sculpture that the church will be installing as part of an anti-knife campaign called the Southwark Peace Sculpture which has been designed by local university students.

The Trustees and users of Walworth Golden Oldies also wanted to express their warmest gratitude and thanks for the superb work undertaken, the personal support, understanding, and assistance of all.