Getting the Show on the Road- Our People, One Conversation

Osborne Property Services embarked on their series of Roadshows which brought together their people for one conversation.

The Board at Osborne Property Services travelled to meet everyone across all contracts to engage, inform and educate.  This exercise was a valuable platform to bring everyone together, celebrating successes, highlighting delivery performance and align their key drivers for the coming months ahead.

At this series of Spring Roadshows Carol Bailey, Managing Director for Osborne Property Services used this platform to share her vision and aspirations for the year ahead.  Carol also recognised the Customer Experience Champions for going the extra mile.

Carol said ‘The relationship between us as a business and our people is crucial to our sustainable growth and the Roadshows are a great way to communicate and share the wider employee ownership and the impact they have.  I am keen to align the interests of our teams with that of the business and our customers, which in turn brings improved collaborative efficiencies, a more engaged workforce and higher profitability.’

Our OPSL Board toured across London and the South East to meet face to face with every member of Property Services.

One of our people said: “It’s a great way to hear directly how we are doing across the business, from the views of our people.”