Embankment Repairs During 100 hour Possession at Holes Bay, Poole

At Holes Bay in Poole the One Team Wessex Team at Osborne had a very successful Easter weekend – undertaking targeted repairs to the sea defence, which included infilling of the voids in the embankment and localised reinstatement of the embankment toe.
Wave and tidal action, combined with diminishing saltmarsh protection, has led to significant deterioration of the structure, which if not rectified could lead to loss of track support and embankment failure.

BIM Field was used to track progress of the repairs – which was extremely useful as after completion of a few, all the stone areas blurred into one!

BIM meant the team could select a repair, check the attached drawing for details, record its status such as “work complete” and attach photos and comments.

This level of information in such an organised model definitely increased efficiency of repairs and handover between the teams across the different shifts.