Orange is the New Black! Glowing Reports as Osborne Pilot New Protective Clothing

Osborne Infrastructure teams are the first to trial some new protective clothing, recently which is called VIZ360.
After completing a trial of VIZ360, the feedback from the teams is that the technology is lightweight, comfortable and helps in poor lighting making it so much easier to see on foot workers.

A benefit of VIZ360 is that it also produces enough light from the solar charged technology, to be able to see things on the ground. The team stayed visible in all low light situations, giving them a sense of added security.

The trial took place over three month period and across a range of levels of users, who work on projects on the M25, M6 and M62. As a result of successful trial our Highways business are using this workwear on projects at Gade and on some M25 projects.

Will Kinson, SHE Advisor at Osborne said: “ Throughout the trialling of this new clothing, we found our workers were easily observed by other people working near by, which allows for a quicker response if something were to go wrong.  The other benefits are that there are no cumbersome battery packs, the work wear is comfortable, washable and easily maintained.”

Other Glow Technologies which have been trialled, have relied mostly on battery packs that have been very unreliable, with cables going through the garments that become damaged too easily and harnesses that restrict the movement, are uncomfortable or snag on other equipment. When VIZ360 was compared to other Glow Technologies, it was found that the cost effectiveness is good value for money.