The Big Sleep Out in Support of Charity

Osborne are preparing to sleep rough in Winchester this Friday, 5th May in support of the homeless charity Trinity.
The annual event comes when Trinity are celebrating 30 years of providing services in helping people to improve their lives.  Each year they reach 650 individuals who are experiencing the effects of homelessness or vulnerability with practical and emotional support.
The historic grounds of Winchester Cathedral will play host to this year’s Big Sleep Out where from 6pm through to the following morning, people will sleep out in their own shelters to raise awareness.  The one rule is that shelters have to be made from cardboard, so let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

This year, Osborne called upon our Construction trainees, Janet Osei-Berchie, Will Eddy, Jack Holloway and Mitchell O’Shea to come up with a design and build using cardboard that would enable two of the team members to be warm and safe from the elements.

The homeless charity Trinity visited local pupils at Winnall Primary School to talk about their work and to educate that anyone can face being homeless.  Keen to contribute to the cause, the pupils got involved in building shelters using cardboard donated by Halfords and duct tape and plastic sheets donated by supply chain partner Jewson.  The Mayor was particularly interested in the children’s involvement and was asked to judge the best build based on design and durability.

Carol Bailey, Managing Director for Osborne Property Services said; “By being a part of the Big Sleep Out, we hope to raise awareness of Trinity and the invaluable services it provides for the most vulnerable.  I have no idea of the design of my shelter for the night but I’m confident that our Graduates will come up with something special!”

Sue McKenna from Trinity Winchester is delighted with the support for the Big Sleep Out saying: “We were particularly pleased to work with the Winnall School children and the team of volunteers Osborne put together and very much look forward to celebrating the event on Friday.”