Above and Below at the Hard

The creation of the new transport interchange in Portsmouth is nearing completion and the magnificent canopy is certainly a great addition to the skyline to complement the adjacent Spinnaker Tower.
A key element in the planned regeneration of Portsmouth City, construction is progressing well, in preparation for the upcoming summer events and increase in the number of tourists to the historic dockyard.

And beneath the footprint of the shiny new structure, the under deck concrete repairs have also been successfully completed with everyone sharing real time data using BIM to deliver a completely paper free project.
Everyone bought in to the system using the BIM 360 Field interface including our customer Portsmouth City Council, RoC Structural Engineers and Freyssinet, enabling real time solutions and decisions on repairs as Freyssinet were working on them.  Nearly 2000 pages of records have been produced for circa 150 defects, all within a 3D model that will be handed over to Portsmouth as an accurate record of each and every repair that was completed.

Everyone involved could view the identified defects, construction issue drawings and the like, along with any comments, photos, sketches, tide times, approvals or other attachments like bespoke QA check sheets which were linked to each repair location.

By setting up the model correctly from the outset, reporting was efficient and accurate to the whole team, regardless of their location, with site visits from the Manchester based consultant being significantly reduced.

As the works progressed more and more information was added to the system to build up a record for each defect, until completion when a final photo was taken to compare to the original for re-measure purposes.  Daily updates automatically recorded the weather conditions, and notes were added on manpower with activities to automatically calculate hours.  Professional reports with bespoke information were produced at lightning speed with the click of a button.

Rennie Chadwick, Director for Innovation & Performance at Osborne said; “This is a great demonstration of how using technology and structured data has enabled  us to innovate, delivering value for everyone involved in the project, from our customer all the way through to end users of the new transport interchange.”