New Science Building Royal Holloway University of London Progresses Well

The Osborne team are progressing well to deliver their second project for Royal Holloway, University of London on the same campus as the Library and Student Services Building.
The new £12.6 million building will house a 252 seat lecture theatre, 82 seat collaborative lecture room, flexible and multi-functional laboratories and general teaching areas.

It will also accommodate the new Electronic Engineering department which will deliver new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for the University’s proposed increased student numbers by 2020.

Due for completion in April 2018, the three storey superstructure has been designed using a hybrid of structural steel and precast concrete. Elsewhere there is a combination of precast concrete elements and delta beams which provide support to the precast plank floor beams. The delta beam provides a flat slab soffit which is beneficial for aesthetics and buildability and also improves the distribution of our services.

The project will have a natural ventilation system that offers benefits of more daylight via higher ceilings, lower energy and future maintenance costs and an improved indoor climate.

Due to previously completed service diversions carried out by Osborne Infrastructure before our project began on site, we will also be able to connect our services faster and more effectively and this has contributed to a shorter programme.