Life Cycle Solution Provides Safe Future Access

When the Osborne team at Virginia Water needed trackside access to construct the new platform extension – edge protection to the adjacent steep embankment and river culvert was required.  But their temporary work’s design did not just consider the immediate problem – it considered access for the ongoing maintenance requirements of the new structures.
A clever design using Grundomat piles was used to support a scaffold edge protection system, to provide a safe working area throughout the construction of the platform extension.

The edge protection also doubled up as a method of laterally stabilising a second edge protection along the rear of the new platform – whilst also maintaining a safe and clear access route between the embankment and platform that was free of scaffold bracing.

Following completion of the platform extension, the handrails were removed but the scaffold tubes that were grouted into the piles were left in place to provide a permanent fall arrest anchorage point. Hence providing permanent edge protection to maintenance teams working along the embankment.

This solution comes as the Osborne team recently completed the final platform extension on the Reading 10 Car route.  The Reading 10 Car Project affects the Reading to Waterloo route. The aim of the project is to allow 10 car train services to operate between Reading, Ascot and London Waterloo.

Osborne received well-deserved recognition for their work to deliver the signalling commissioning at Chertsey and the footbridge opening at Virginia Water, as they continue to find ways to solve their customer’s problems and deliver on time.

The last year has seen Osborne design and deliver platform extensions to nine stations on the Waterloo to Reading route. This involves extending platforms by over 100 metres on some stations as well as installing new AFA bridges and lifts at Virginia Water and Ascot. An integral and crucial part of this work was to re-model the existing signalling and track to accommodate the extended platforms.