Osborne Chosen to Deliver £21m Maintenance Work for Highways England

Highways England has announced the contractors it will be working with to deliver its innovative new approach to maintenance work.
Osborne has been awarded a package of work in the east of England which covers the A11, A14, A120 and A12.

Osborne will deliver 25 Renewal of Road Schemes, 13 Renewal of Structures, 23 Highway Improvements, 2 Technology Renewals and a Traffic Management Improvement Scheme.

The collaborative delivery framework (CDF) approach sees maintenance work packaged into clusters based on the geographic area where it needs to be completed. This ensures work can be delivered for the best value as all the work that needs to be done in an area is completed as one package, rather than the contractor having to complete work multiple times at similar locations.

John Dowsett, Managing Director of Infrastructure at Osborne said: “We look forward to  working collaboratively with the CDF Community within the East region of Essex, Suffolk and Cambridge to ensure all schemes are delivered safely and provide value and efficiency savings for Highways England.”