Big Butts are Good for the Environment

Residents of Walthamstow sheltered schemes can now harvest natural rain water to maintain their gardens thanks to six 250 litre water butts installed by Osborne Property Services, Aston Group and the London Borough of Waltham Forest.
It is estimated that around 100,000 litres of rainwater falls on roofs in the UK each year.  Without a water butt to capture the water, most of this goes straight down the drain.

Keen gardeners of Cookes Close feel happy at doing their bit for the environment by using rain water.  With less distance to carry the water, it’s easier for them to maintain their gardens with pride.

Residents, Andrea and Alan Miles, are delighted with their new butts.  They said:
“We are so looking forward to doing our bit for the planet in using rain water instead of tap water for our gardening.  It is a blessing these days to be able to have a garden at all and if we can recycle, all the better. Thanks again.”

Jo Fletcher, Head of Engagement for Osborne Communities said:
“Whilst this wasn’t a huge initiative, we know the impact was. This simple install of water butts has made a positive difference on the health and well being of our local residents and that’s what matters.”