The Aldriche On-site Way

Osborne Community Liaison team in the London Borough of Waltham Forest is based on-site at the Aldriche Way estate.
Being based within the community, at the heart of the borough, is ideal for the seven Customer Liaison Officers, who believe that their central location builds confidence and trust in Osborne Property Services, breaking down barriers and leading to problems being resolved quickly.

Following extensive planned maintenance work at Aldriche Way, Osborne Property Services has a full site set up at the estate, with three containers providing full office facilities for the site management team, as well as the Customer Liaison Officers who work across the borough.

Nicki Foster, Customer Liaison Officer at Osborne Property Services, says the best thing about being based on-site is the rapport she and her team have been able to build with the local residents.
“Having work carried out in your home can be intrusive and our aim is to make this as easy as possible by keeping residents informed of what to expect and when,” she says. “Our communication with residents starts before the work commences and is continuous throughout the project.  Being on-site provides residents with great comfort, knowing that they can talk to us in person at a time that suits them.  They know we’re here to help them. We’re consistent: we’re always available for them to drop by and ask any questions.”

Nicki has been based at Aldriche Way for two years, and during that time, she’s become a go-to person for members of the local community.
“Today, for example, one resident popped in as she was concerned about how we were going to work around her seven house cats.  By listening and understanding her needs we have been able to plan with our operatives a simple solution,” she says.
“Residents know that they can come to me with any problems and I’ll be on the case. I prefer being based here on-site to being in an office further away, it means we’re right here in the middle of the wider Waltham Forest community and that helps build trust.
“It’s also great for me and my team. Wherever we’ve been working within the borough, we come back here to work at our desks and to discuss the day’s issues.
“I feel safe working here. There’re always familiar faces around, with residents waving good morning or good evening, or popping in for a chat.”

Osborne Property Services is supporting the Aldriche Way Residents’ Fun Day on 29th July which is sure to be a community party!