Vote Will Eddy for BIG Biodiversity Champion 2017!

We are delighted to share the great news that Will Eddy, Trainee Site Manager on the student accommodation project Number One Portsmouth, has been nominated for BIG Biodiversity Champion at this year’s CIRIA BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards.
You can read more about the BIG Biodiversity Challenge below, but first why vote for Will? Will has not only tackled the challenge head on but has inspired and motivated the project team, operatives and public to change their attitude towards the importance of protecting local biodiversity. He has done this through simple solutions that have dramatically enhanced biodiversity on site by reusing site materials to make planters, and bug and bee hotels, inspiring others to make their own at home.

Will continues to tend for plants and wildlife on top of his daily duties and is continuing to spread the biodiversity message to new arrivals with enthusiasm and encouragement.

On top of this great news our project, Number One Portsmouth, is also a finalist in the Temporary Award at the BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards. You can view their award submission here. This award is judged by a panel and we will find out if we have been successful on Thursday 14 September.

The project team’s ambition is to leave a biodiversity educational legacy for the area neighbouring the project through engaging with the local community during our construction works. Their aim is to show how easy it is to enhance local biodiversity by transforming a barren space into a natural habitat from reused materials.

Please take a moment to recognise Will’s achievements by voting for him – every vote cast will give him a better chance of winning.
Please click below to vote by noon Friday 8 September.
Vote for Will Eddy as Biodiversity Champion 2017

The BIG Biodiversity Challenge invites businesses in the construction industry to create biodiversity enhancements on their projects which go beyond predetermined planning and construction conditions. Its aim is to raise awareness of the importance of protecting and enhancing biodiversity in the built environment, promote biodiversity integration in green infrastructure initiatives and support the Biodiversity 2020 strategy.