Community Investment in Retirement Complex

When a local retirement charity showed considerable understanding for the Osborne Gade Valley team who needed to access parts of their project through the charity’s grounds, the Osborne team were determined that this kindness would not go unrecognised.
The strengthening works to the viaduct are expected to continue for at least two years, and on occasion our people have to access their working areas through a local retirement complex known as ‘The Retreat’.

First established in 1845 as a single house, the charity has grown to include multiple bungalows.  To help with some of the required improvements, members of our team undertook renovations to the garden and sheds including painting, repointing brickwork and cutting back overgrown vegetation, much to the appreciation of the charity:
“We have been grateful for the consideration shown by Osborne to the charity, and our residents, while these necessary works have been undertaken.  Carrying out the renovation on our sheds is particularly appreciated as it is hard to justify using charitable funds for non-essential works and this has helped the grounds to stay looking attractive.”