Community Communications at Apsley

Recently Osborne has proved that the community is truly at the heart of what they do, as some of the amazing initiatives that their team at Apsley have implemented have ensured they leave a lasting legacy that goes way beyond the physical build.
The Osborne team, working at Apsley made it their mission to go out of their way to forge deep relationships with the local residents and businesses around their projects through regular communications that are considerate and honest – and they genuinely listen and act on the comments that they receive… even when things could be going a little more smoothly.

They used social media to help them to listen, solve and action a problem with temporary traffic lights.

When the team at Apsley were having issues with the temporary traffic lights, they used the Residents Association Facebook Page to aid communication with the local community.
And their efforts were certainly appreciated as you can see by this feedback- “This really is outstanding customer care in fact we’re not even your customers so it’s definitely ‘Hat’s off’ to you for looking after the local residents like this.”

The new bridge and road has been carefully planned and designed to ease current congestion, improve safety and provide future capacity for the estate as it becomes populated. These works are due to be completed by Spring 2018.