Osborne take part in fruitful charity work

Property and Pears- The two don’t often collide, except for when one of Osborne’s Property Services team, Neal Allison, used his Development Day to attend a charity run Harvesting event.
Neal took on the charitable task of picking pears as part of an event for Community Food Enterprise. This social enterprise food business works with diverse communities in East London to fulfil their rights to access nutritious foods.  Like every charity, volunteers are core to their success, and the Community Food Enterprise often organise fruit harvesting events.

In one single day, the volunteers can gather over 2.1 tonnes of pears, the equivalent of 27,500 portions of fruit.

All the fruit is directly donated to the National Fareshare network, who distributes the food to their associated homeless hostels, food banks and charities. Several local charities and schools often also benefit from the haul.

However, on this particular day, some of the fruit went slightly further afield. The charity allowed Neal to take away and deliver several bags of pears himself to share out with a range of community projects, many of which are associated with Osborne’s work.

Two primary schools, Trinity homeless shelter, domestic violence refuge families and four other sheltered schemes; the fruit was delivered and greatly appreciated.