Helping Connect Communities- New Hertfordshire Footbridge Installed

Osborne has successfully installed a new Bridge at Green Lane in Hertfordshire.
The old footbridge spanned the Hitchin to Cambridge railway line, providing essential access for members of the local Hertfordshire public. However, over the years its condition has deteriorated and it came to end of its serviceable life, so it was decided that the bridge should be replaced.

A new bridge designed and built to the latest standards using higher durability materials, would both improve access and reduce future maintenance costs.

Osborne removed the old bridge on the 6th of September and installed the new one on the 18th of October. Working collaboratively with their supply chain partners, Osborne accomplished this in a four hour possession, whilst minimizing any disruption to the public.

Challenges arose from the beginning with the bridge’s difficult position over a live railway line bearing overhead electrified rails, and pressure on time. The Osborne site team, along with their supply chain worked quickly to overcome all on-site difficulties. Key team members at Osborne contributed to this success included Site Manager, Billy Knight Wood supported by Peter Adsett and Grant Walker whose careful planning and dimensional checks allowed works to be completed rapidly on the night.

The outcome was a well- executed bridge lift in an orderly and safe manner which left both the customer, Hertfordshire County Council and Network Rail satisfied.

“Green Lane Footbridge is another great example of Osborne and its supply chain’s ability to work in constrained environments with minimal disruption to local residents managing the risks associated with both highways and overhead electrified railways.”- Greg Wall, Design Manager at Osborne.

“Green Lane footbridge has been a challenging task from the beginning, but all issues and eventualities on site were overcome by the site team and supply chain working together in a relatively short space of time, relying on very short possessions. Overall, it was a great job by everyone involved.” – Billy Knight Wood, Site Manager at Osborne.