Suttle Projects and Osborne Help Avert Possible Incident

A major incident was recently avoided at an Osborne site, thanks to the quick thinking of Gordon Parr and Nathan Allen, highlighting the importance of remaining vigilant when on or nearby site.Gordon, Site Manager for Suttle Projects, was travelling back to site when he spotted a young girl shuffling along the parapet of a bridge. Thinking quickly, he gestured to Nathan, Site Manager for Osborne, who was able to get across the bridge to the girl just in time to stop her jumping.

And it wasn’t just the site team who were spared from witnessing a horrific scene either, as a train was also approaching below. The incident would have had a long-lasting effect on both the train’s driver and passengers.

“It all happened so fast, there was barely time to think,” explained Gordon. “When I saw her, you could tell something was up, and thankfully Nathan was close enough to grab her when we realised what was about to happen.”

Nathan continued: “It’s what anyone would have done, but it just goes to show how quickly an incident can begin or be averted. As you can imagine, the girl was very distressed. I took her back to the office and an ambulance came to pick her up. She is now getting the help she needs.”

Gordon said the pair have kept an eye on each other since the incident occurred, and was also pleased that additional support had been made available on site.

“We’re both just glad we were able to stop what happened,” he continued. “I think everyone on site has handled the situation well, but it’s great to know that there is extra support on offer if required.”