We must continue to up-skill the Engineers of Tomorrow

Malcolm Attrill from Osborne talks about how Up-skilling is vital for today’s engineers who need broad and agile skills so that they can thrive in a moving technical and digital world.
At Osborne, to help our early-career engineers obtain such skills, we give them the opportunity to work outside the business for approximately 9 months. This gives them a fresh and alternative perspective on civil engineering, and they return as better engineers.

Through a long established exchange programme with a select list of design consultancies, our engineers are swapped with one of theirs. Working with top designers, they gain experience not only of the design process but also of BIM, architecture, sustainability, geotechnics and many other design aspects. One of the biggest benefits is the interaction with a new community of engineers and the resulting networks established. In addition, the consultant’s engineers gains invaluable site experience though being placed on one of our projects.

This exchange programme plays a vital role in our successful engineering training scheme which has an 86% pass rate at Professional Review.

Recently some of our graduates spent a day visiting the Whitechapel Crossrail site to expand their knowledge and explore innovative solutions. The day started with an informative talk on the route to Chartership, followed by a “Virtual Reality in Construction”. Here, the graduates used Virtual Reality headsets to simulate Osborne’s Gade Valley Infrastructure Project.

Osborne has had close links and collaboration with Universities for many years and is committed to developing civil engineers of the future.

Malcolm said; “The benefits of collaboration with the universities are that we are able to form early relationships with top, bright engineering students, many of whom go on to become excellent employees (and possible leaders of tomorrow). This is particularly important as our industry moves towards the age of technology, digital engineering and innovation, as we need the skills/mindsets to keep up with the changing world.”

Malcolm Attrill is the Engineering Manager for Osborne in their Infrastructure Business.