Accommodation Footbridge Removal – Best Practice Methods

When a  dis-used Accommodation Footbridge required removal, the location of the three-span structure across a steep chalk cutting and adjacent to high voltage overhead power lines, provided numerous challenges.
A comprehensive stakeholder strategy and meticulous collaborative planning with our specialist supply partners were essential to ensure the safe and successful removal of the derelict bridge.

Early engagement was vital to find a solution to maintain power to the local village and adjacent MOD camp was paramount to allow the works to progress.  All suppliers were fully engaged with the mitigations needed for the site specific hazards including working on a steep cutting and working around the remaining live lines.

The site setup was clean and tidy with safe walking routes and surface protection.  Materials purchased and remaining from other projects were utilised to provide efficiencies.  A public footpath crossed the compound and everyone worked with care and courtesy of the passing walkers and numerous dogs. Seamless communications provided a safe, fast removal of the heavy cast iron beams in braced pairs.

Lighting towers were positioned to maximise efficiency for each task.  Exclusion zones beneath and around all areas of the works were constantly upheld by everyone on site.

Well done to the site team who worked hard to plan all works for minimal disturbance, and deliver a safe, efficient project on time and on budget.  They received no complaints from any locals, the MOD or the adjacent farm.