Osborne Hits Milestone on Liverpool Works

Osborne has hit an important milestone on works being carried out on behalf of Liverpool City Council.
As part of these works, the complex Leeds St /Gt Howard St junction, is to be reconfigured and a new traffic signal system will be installed.

Due to the complexity of the junction and its strategic position within the city, the works had to be planned early in the contract to coincide with a previously planned road closure to reduce the impact on road users.

To make sure that disruption was kept to a minimum, a temporary traffic light system, which was controlled by Liverpool City Council, was installed throughout these junction works. This proved successful in the safe and smooth flow of traffic through the works.

Osborne started these works started in June 2017 and on 24th November 2017; the new traffic light system was switched on and commissioned successfully.

The temporary traffic signals were removed on programme ahead of the city’s Christmas embargo.

Collaboration is at the heart of what Osborne do and the completion of this initial element of the scheme was successfully carried out along side their supply chain partners.

Osborne began work earlier this year and is expected to be finished by summer 2019.

The works are part of Liverpool City Council’s wider £250m Better Roads programme to improve the city’s road infrastructure and will be complemented by the creation of two new £20m waterfront link roads at the city centre end of the A565.