‘Perfect fit’ Partnership Brings Benefits for the Community

A new partnership maintaining homes across Hastings and East Sussex is the perfect fit in order to benefit the community, according to Osborne Account Manager Matt Mitchell.
Earlier this year Osborne Property Services commenced a 10 year partnership with Housing Association Optivo to maintain 7,000 homes and Matt believes together they will deliver a positive impact.

“Osborne and Optivo share the same vision to not only provide excellent customer service but to make a positive impact in the communities we work” he says.

The partners share newly sourced office space on the outskirts of Hastings, enabling them to maximise the benefits of a collaborative approach for residents.

“Sharing the office space allows for an open and honest relationship, increased collaboration between the teams and ultimately a faster and more effective service for the residents” Matt adds.

A key aspect of the partnership is the aim to provide opportunities for local employment and as a resident who grew up in nearby Bexhill, that is something Matt is very passionate about.

“I grew up in Bexhill and my immediate family live there so it’s an area I know very well,” he says.

“My first job as a building surveyor included a number of projects in the Rother area, so after working in Brighton and London for some time it’s really felt like coming back home.”

“Optivo and Osborne place residents at the heart of their business and share a real commitment to delivering benefits for the communities they work in. For me it’s the perfect fit and I’m really excited about what we can achieve together in the years to come.”