Osborne Complete Work in Record time at Hampshire Train Station

Well done to the Minor Works team at Osborne who recently carried out improvement work at Millbrook station in Hampshire and completed it in record time, delighting their customer and ultimately the end users.
Osborne was asked to carry out emergency strengthening works to an existing concrete footbridge at Millbrook station, which had come to the end of its serviceable life.

To do this, a large steel framework and cantilever support was designed to be installed in a 30 hour possession, which was subsequently cut down and the work was carried out in just 10 hours.

The team also made alterations to the disabled access ramp to ensure continued accessibility for users. The team completed all the work,  including the design, fabrication and installation in just less than two months.

Sean Smith, Acting Route Manager at Network Rail said:
“The site and the delivery of the works at Millbrook has been managed and delivered on time and without incident in very testing conditions. Thanks for ensuring this was completed, it’s very much appreciated within the route.”