Did you get the Collaboration Memo?

“Collaboration remains on our ever increasing agenda, and probably doesn’t sit high enough on that agenda. It’s assumed we are doing it. Although it’s true that everyday we collaborate more, we are still perceived as a largely fragmented industry, with lots of different stakeholders coming together for a particular scheme or project and then moving off onto something else.
Agenda Item
The concern is that if we don’t harness collaboration and really embed it as a way of working now, we just continue to “paper cracks” and we won’t fully help improve methods of procurement or full embrace new ways of working, anytime soon.

I like to think that the positive news is that this is slowly but surely changing, as best practice takes hold, this will filter down and become a normal way of working. But will this be soon enough?

The benefits are simple; collaboration creates happy end users. Feedback helps create more positive relationships with all stakeholders as well as the end users. Collaboration creates better working practices. By taking a collaborative approach, it provides a platform for both supply chain partners and customers to deliver highest standards and continually improve working practices.  That way, we are all working together to achieve the best possible results for all involved.

Any other business?
This approach will help partnerships to innovate and deliver all projects successfully, sustainably and efficiently. Collaboration is not just for now, if we do it correctly, we will reap the longer term benefits. So where on your action list, does it feature?”

Mike Todd is the Lead Business Development Manager for Infrastructure at Osborne.