Burnaby Road Bridge Replacement On-Track

In preparation for the replacement of Burnaby Road Bridge in Portsmouth, the Osborne project team were required to set-up a rather unusual high security site compound within HMS Temeraire.

Whilst normally a straight forward standard operation, the perimeter fencing and access had to satisfy the security restrictions of the MOD, requiring great organisation and communication to gain temporary ownership of the area from the Navy.

The bridge removal and installation works will take place during a pre-planned blockade in February.

The existing bridge will be lifted out using Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) for later dismantling and disposal.  The two new standard steel U-decks are being manufactured off-site and pre-assembled on high level trestles in a further site compound adjacent to the bridge location.  Upon removal of the existing structure, the new decks will be driven into position using the SPMTs.

During a full road closure of Burnaby Road and accompanying 27 hour Boxing Day track possession essential enabling works were also completed.

The team successfully erected the temporary scaffolding cable bridge; the S&T services were removed from the bridge troughing and slewed onto the cable bridge to free the existing deck ready for removal.

Well done to all of the project team for their meticulous organisation and stakeholder management, and for giving up their valuable time over the festive period.