Osborne Offers Record Number of Sponsorships at the University of Southampton

Osborne’s James Buckley and Lloyd Jefferson recently carried out interviews at the University of Southampton and have successfully offered five sponsorships to candidates from the 2017 SUCCESS scheme, securing their top five shortlisted candidates.
This is a record number of positions offered from a single intake by the Infrastructure business at Osborne. It includes three of the five joining the pink firm for an industrial placement, which means that they will gain two graduates in 2021 and a further three graduates in 2022.

And who better to interview the next generation of civil engineers than James and Lloyd, who themselves came to Osborne via sponsorship schemes with Southampton and Bath universities, respectively – hopefully in the years to come these 2017 sponsored students will be our interviewers of the future ensuring the continuous sustainable growth of our trainee Civil Engineer programme

The University of Southampton is one of a number of academic institutions who Osborne have a strong relationship with for offering entry routes into the industry for their students, and this years intake from Southampton will join our students from University of Surrey, University of Portsmouth and University of Birmingham.

With the skills shortage high on the agenda in the industry, the intake of trainee students is vital for the future. Currently only 2000 out of the 3000 annual civil engineering graduates continue in the sector, being instead swayed into other industries.

The scope and variety of work Osborne offers enables individual’s to find a role suiting their skill set and personal preferences, in turn keeping their engagement in the engineering world and hopefully changing those statistics. It also gives them a deep understanding of not only the contracting business, but a view from the customer side and an overview of how consultancy works.

Osborne looks forward to taking on more students in the coming years, providing a rare opportunity through support and mentoring to allow education and professional development to be overlapped and provide invaluable industry experience.