STOP Think! Helping us to Change Hearts and Minds in the Industry

“STOP Think! is NOT solely a safety training course, it is a cultural development programme designed to ensure that Osborne, our suppliers and customers are of one mind when it comes to decision making.

Relationships are strengthened which in turn encourages open and honest dialogue and undoubtedly positively influences every aspect of professional and personal life.

We believe that if we are all culturally aligned it will benefit us personally and all of our businesses collectively, as good safety performance go ‘hand in hand’ with good business performance.

We believe that safety and business decisions cannot therefore be isolated.

STOP Think! is a journey of discovery and at the heart of the journey are people. Individuals who regardless of their professional role play a massive part in the successful development of a positive caring culture.

By first understanding ourselves we can then understand others!

Osborne’s suppliers and customers are the key to the success of STOP Think! Only when they are ‘on board’ can we truly claim to be aligned.

We are NOT quite there yet………..

We have successfully delivered STOP Think! to strategic customers, suppliers and potential partners across all business units.

We will be delivering to more and following this up with further events to ‘keep the fires burning’!

What has been really rewarding to see and hear during the previous three years or so is how STOP Think! has been embraced by all and how this has helped our customers and suppliers when they work with Osborne and when they work with others.

They have been impressed and are truly grateful…………

One such supplier was so inspired that with our help and guidance they rolled out their own internal STOP Think! awareness programme to help their people on the ground understand why we “do what we do” and to ensure their teams are truly engaged and encouraged to “think differently and make a real difference”.

Clive Cooper of Highways England having attended a STOP Think! event said “The commitment of Osborne people in making STOP Think! work demonstrates true leadership which is doing themselves, their colleagues and us a great service.”

The scale of the overall challenge remains huge; how to change the behaviours and thinking of multiple organisations working across a vast range of projects with different customers?  but we are fully committed on the journey to improving people’s lives across the industry.”

Mick Reeves is the STOP Think! Lead at Osborne