Essex Stakeholders meet the A120 Project Team

Following days of wet and cold weather, Thursday 15th February brought a bright, warm day to east Essex.

Members of the press and local stakeholders were invited along to the A120 Hare Green site in Essex, to meet the project team and to hear details of the planned works to build a new roundabout.

The scheme was designed as part of Highways England’s Capital Delivery Framework. This scheme is to help prevent road users using gaps in the central reserve to cross from one carriageway to the other, as there have been several incidents, including fatalities, in recent years.

Local press as well as representatives from Essex Police, Essex Highways, Harwich Town Council, parish councils, and local businesses visited the site to see and hear what is planned.

Preliminary work, including trial holes, drainage works and vegetation clearance, began in the autumn, with the main works due to start next month and completion expected in winter 2018.

This scheme has been long sought after by local residents and businesses and support is high to make the A120 safer by replacing the crossing points with this new roundabout.

Recently, Osborne proved a time and money saving and delivered efficiencies for their customer by combining six separate sets of road works and carrying these out within a single traffic management layout along the A120 between Colchester and Braintree in Essex.
The work, largely comprising high-friction surfacing, road marking renewal and new road signs, along with bridge joint replacement, was carefully coordinated and resourced to maximise the efficiency of delivery.

Work was planned to take place on weeknights between 9pm and 6am and local residents with no alternative route to and from their property were carefully escorted through the work sites with a minimum of disruption.